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A Little Behind

Hey guys. I am sorry I am so far behind. But this crazy weather has not been cooperating with me. I have been without internet almost all week, but I will try to catch up as soon as possible. I know it is hard for you to do your assignments when others aren’t doing their parts, but I hope I will be caught up by Sunday. Again SORRY!


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I have been trying to think about these three topics off and on all week. I think I have an understanding of each topic separately. But when combining the three I am a little uncertain. I know they are very important to each other and have a connection, but putting that connection into words is a little difficult. I know that with the advances of technology in this world and the direct impact it has on education is vital. With technology, education can be provided in a variety of ways and can reach more people than ever. Through technology, many people are getting a chance to further their education and in the past this opportunity may never had been available. Also technology has made it possible to reach students in a variety of ways inside the classroom and at home. How these concepts tie in with culture is where I am getting thrown off alittle. I know that through technology many cultures are tied together and offered many opportunities, but from there my mind goes blank. If anyone has any suggestions or input, I would greatly appreciate it.

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About Me!

Hey guys. My name is JacqulynParsons. I currently live in Mt. Vernon withmy wonderful husband and my beautiful little girl with another one on the way. (She is due May 27.)

I teach 8th grade Pre-Algebra and Algebra at SMS in Somerset. I love my job. The past two years have really been a great learning experience for me. The staff is great and the administration is great. So for my first job within the teaching field, I couldn’t ask for anything better.

I am currently working on my Master’s in Educational Technology through MSU. This is my second class with Dr. Lowell. For you guys that are new to the class, if you have any questions/concerns ASK! The last class seemed to go crazy quick. It seemed like you had a lot to do, in a little bit of time. But look at me, I survived and I really had no clue what I was doing the majority of the time. So if at any time you are confused or feel overwhelmed, talk to Dr. Lowell. He is really good about getting back with you and working with you.

Well that is about it for me. I am glad to be in this class and can’t wait to learn more about the content, because I know there is still plenty for me to learn.

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Tips and Tricks

I attended a Tips and Tricks session last semester. It is a wonderful tool. I too were like a lot of you and to be honest I am not that much a head of you guys who are new to Tapped In. I was completely lost and didn’t know where to start with this site. But this tool is really useful and it seems to really help you head in the right direction. This session will help you learn little tricks to navigate around this site. Don’t get me wrong it is not a miracle program or anything but it will make your semester a lot less crazy. By attending this session you will learn how to move about the site and learn how to find people and organizations that may be of interest. So good luck and really try to attend a session, it is a big help.

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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