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Silicon Ceiling

I have a seven year old daughter and it really bugs me at times how she at this age already identifies things based on gender. Whether it is games that she wants to play or toys she wants to buy, I hear often, “Mommy I can’t get that or do that because it is a boy’s toy or boys are only allowed to do that”. My husband and I try to make her realize that she can do or play anything she wants no matter if it is a boy thing. For instance she loves to play the Wii. Her and her daddy play Mario Kart and NCAA Football, you name it and her and her daddy play it. But I have noticed that when her little friends are over, she will get out The Littlest Pet Shop Games or Hannah Montana or other “girly” games. You can tell she gets bored with these games but still plays them so her friends won’t make fun of her. This really bothers me. If she is already like this at this age, what is going to happen when she gets older?

At our school we offer a pre-engineering class for the 8th grade class. The students that get to take this class have to be nominated by a teacher or staff member. Within the past two classes, we have tried to compile both males and females for this class. The last class nomination, I had picked a young lady for the class. I went to talk to her about the opportunity that she was being given and I was really disappointed. I told her that this was a great opportunity and if she continued with the series that she could possibly get college credit for classes that she will be taking in high school. She responded to my little pep talk with, “I don’t think I can do this, it is a boy’s job and I will get made fun of by taking this course. Is there anything else that this class can help me with except engineering?” I really don’t think these girls realize that the doors are being opened for them. Engineering is not a “boy’s” job. It is a great job with a lot of potential.

I think as long as it is still being viewed in the public as being a “man’s world” than it is really hard for our young ladies to succeed and over come all the odds that are placed in front of them. I think that we have to continue to tell them that it is not a man’s world and women can do anything they want. I know at times that it sounds as if we are broken records, but maybe in the end it will benefit in some way.


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Danah Boyd

Well reading that kinda hurt my head at first. But if you really think about it, social networking could mean a place in which people socialize, whether they know each other or not. So that would include Facebook and MySpace. I know that I have an account at both sites and I too have people that are considered to be my friends that I really don’t know. Whether they are bands, fan clubs, or even just people that know people I know.

As for blogs, wikis, google documents, and etc. they can be considered as social networking sites or technologies. You are socializing with others, but in these cases, you tend to be posting due to a task, such as school. I mean I don’t know if I am right but that is just what I thought once read the blog.

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Educational Access

While reading Chapter 1 from Solomon, I related a lot of the material to the school that I currently teach at. When the book talks of schools were 90% of the student population is labeled as being free or reduced lunch, they were speaking of our school. When thinking back to the first week of school trying to get information from parents such as telephone numbers and email addresses, it was basically impossible. I was really surprised of how many families that didn’t have telephones or computers. So I feel that there is a problem with educational access. A lot of the students don’t have access to computers at home so how do you really expect them to complete assignments such as research papers and typed assignments. If they are not given time during school, and truth be known with portfolios due in middle school there are not a lot of extra computers available throughout the school year for them to use, they don’t have the opportunity to complete the assignment. They get frustrated and insecure with their disadvantage and soon it reflects on their attitude, effort, and willingness within the classroom.

Another thing that I see at our school is communication problem with some of our ESL students. I agree with Solomon when saying that you need to communicate information to them in a language that they understand first and then in English. The students can’t help it that they are not fluent in English. They should still be given the opportunity to learn. We have a student that just moved to our area from Vietnam. He is really eager to learn. He speaks some English, but it is really hard to understand him at times. I feel that I am holding him back at times due to the fact that I have to continue to ask him to repeat himself. So as you can see I really agree with some of the statements that are printed within the text.

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Hey guys if any of you are taking CIS 650 with me, you may be interested in this blog I found on OLDaily. It has a map, descriptions, and sites that may explain the process of innovation a little better. Just a thought.. Check it out if you are interested. http://www.dubberly.com/concept-maps/innovation.html. And download the PDF file so you can read it easier. I mean that is if you are as blind as me….

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Like said in our reading, literacy is really a hard term to define. I guess it really takes a different meaning to many people. When I think of literacy, I think that it means a way of communicating whether it be through readings, sound, speech, or other. It is a way for you to understand and be able to communciate with others. In communicating you can use many tools, it just depends on your own situation.

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Thin Walled Classroom

Wow! I guess I am going to sound like a broken record. But when I started to look up informatin on “thin walled classroom” I googled the topic. And guess what came up? Nothing but my classmates’ blogs. I read through almost all of them and decided that I wasn’t as off as I originally thought when coming up with what my opinion was on the topic.

A thin walled classroom is basically more than one classroom from different locations communicating through technology or blogs. Being that communication takes place online, it makes it that there are no walls that seperate the classrooms.

I love this idea. I would love to be able to collaborate with a class from a different area. Have students see how other students their age are learning and have them communicate with each other. I would love to take part in something like this but I know that the school I am currently at and the parents of the students would not be on board with something like this. Hopefully soon in the near future opportunities like this would be available for teachers to open their doors to.

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