So when choosing a SNS to work with I sat down and looked at what was in place. I have had a MySpace account set up but rarely use it. I sat up a Facebook account for a class a couple of years ago but stopped using it too. As for Twitter, it made no sense to me. I looked over it and it was like a whole new world that seemed useless for me to attempt to use. So when deciding what I was going to use, I asked some of my students and friends/family to see which they preferred and the majority of the older generation said Facebook. So that is what I choose. I choose to reconnect to Facebook and see what exactly was offered and why people love it so much.

So when asking people why they use Facebook, the majority of the answers I received were similar. They wanted to reconnect with friends and family and keep in touch with those they care about. They told me stories of finding people that they had known years and years ago and finding them and reconnecting. Some of the people they connected to were classmates from college, high school, and even family that had moved away years ago and lost contact with. These stories were really amazing. And I thought why not try it out myself and see what I could come up with.

So when I logged onto my account I had already established a few friends that were in my college class that I was taking at the time of setting up the account. The first people I added were my sister and my husband. From there I noticed a section on the homepage entitled “Suggestions”. From there I noticed that they suggest people that have common answers to questions as you had. For example every time I logged onto Facebook, this section would suggest someone that went to the same high school as me or the same college. From this section alone I gained a lot of friends. I have found people that I went to elementary school with and lost contact with when going into middle school and high school. This was a really interesting concept.

Once finding people, I would go to their profile and catch up with things going on with their lives. I saw pictures of their families, found out where they live and what they do with their lives now.  Some people I was really impressed with what they have done with their lives and loved looking at their children and grandchildren. And of course I liked bragging about my family too. So this was fun.

Another thing that you can do while on Facebook is send messages or chat with your friends. As expensive as everything is today and how busy people are in their lives, Facebook makes it convient to talk to your friends/family. All you have to do is log on and send them a message. The message can be in the form of an email sent directly to their inbox on their Facebook account or you can chat with them directly at that exact time. So this type of messaging is taking the place of phone calls.

Facebook is not just there for communication purposes. It also has a lot of different applications that are available. I noticed when getting online you have requests for different types of games, quizzes, and etc. At first I thought they were silly but I found myself doing a couple of the quizzes and found them to be addictive. I really felt overwhelmed with all of the requests and types of requests but some were not that bad. Some of the other options that seemed to be interesting was playing against your friends during tournament time and making out your brackets. I think that is going to be fun to compete against my husband. We really enjoy a little friendly competition every now and then.

So overall I find this SNS to be fun and useful. It is safe and you don’t have to worry about inappropriate language like on other sites. That is one of the main reasons why alot of the people I talked to preferred Facebook over MySpace. They had stated that there was a lot of inappropriate language and content presented on MySpace and it was hard to keep their family from being exposed to it.  As for Twitter, it is basically Facebook without all the apps and games. Twitter allows you to keep up with the status of the people you follow whether it be the coach of your favorite basketball team, your friends, your favorite comedian, or etc. People that are fast paced and want to keep up with information prefer Twitter. But overall I feel by looking at the SNS’s and discussing things with others, I feel that Facebook is really a nice fit for me and my lifestyle.


I know I started out looking at Facebook, but in the mix of things my husband pointed out to me Twitter. These two sites have similar apps but are completely different. At first I was like “Why would I have Twitter on my iphone so I can check everyone’s status all the time?” That was all I really thought was to it. But with him showing me around a little bit and reading some comments left by other classmates, I have came to realize that it isn’t that bad of a program. If you want to keep up with people, news, sports, and etc. For example my husband is a huge UK fan. On twitter he follows Calipari which he says is great cause you can find out who he is recruiting and what is going on with the team before the news gets ahold of it. So if you are a fast paced person and want only highlights this is perfect for you.

As for Facebook. If you are more interested in a social network inwhich you can keep up with status changes, send messages to, chat with, share pictures with, or even play useless games/challenges with than this is for you. So far I have looked on this site for about a week or two and have made contact with quite a few people I went to high school with. Considering I have been out of school for 10 years now that was kinda fun. I really would have never talked to some of these people again if not for this site. I have posted pictures of the nursery and my family and shared emails with some of them. This is really a fun tool to use to keep in contact with those you were once close to. I have to admit some times the challenge requests bug me because it seems like everyone sends them to you, but other than that the main purpose of the site is useful.

Well I have been looking at Facebook and trying to update things and contact people that I know or used to know at least. My husband is really a technology “geek” as he puts it. He has been using Facebook forever and his new thing is Twitter. I have tried to check out the site and found that it is similar to Facebook in a way that you are always putting your status on there so people can keep up with what you are doing or thinking throughout the day. My husband loves this site and is constantly checking it. I have mixed feelings about this site and it is really confusing to me. I guess I think I have to play around with it some more.

When asking my husband about it, he said it is basically a site to post thoughts and what you are thinking at that time. He said facebook has a lot more bs to it. You always have people sending you vegetables, or challenging you to tasks, or silly stuff like that. Where as Twitter is a site that you are just asking for opinions and thoughts from others that you know.

So does anyone else have any thoughts about these two sites. I am open to hearing others opinions.

Technology has direct relations with learning. Technology allows learning to take place in a variety of places/formats/and ways. Technology allows people to learn that could not in the past. There had been things in the way of them learning such as disabilities and etc. But now with the technology that we have in place, these students can learn. Also people that are not capable of attending school due to obsticals can now take classes online where ever they may be.

Education plays a very important role in preserving culture. By teaching students different cultures they will learn about their traditions and ways of life. By learning these facts they will learn to preserve them and keep them alive. This will go both ways. It will help keep things alive for those cultures as well as their own.


I have a SNS set up already. I had to set up a Facebook account with another class so I am going to use it. I really haven’t spent a lot of time on there but with this assignment I have found myself checking it quite often. I really don’t like using SNS’s because most of the people I communicate with I talk to on the phone. But I can easily see how this can be addictive.

With the new advances in technology, education has become more broad. With the advancements teachers are able to present new and more indetailed information to the students. Also with the advancements made you are able to present material to students in a variety of ways. Ways in which were not available some time ago. Students learn in different ways and by having different forms of technology, you can present the material to students in ways that they can understand and remember easier. So learning has become easier for those students that are willing and wanting to learn. Also technology allows students to reach or be exposed to students of different cultures. They can be researching and working with a student that is a million miles away from them through the internet. This lets them see how students live and learn throughout the world. Maybe with all this technology students will be more excited about learning and more willing to take a chance.